Troja Winery ( Vynobrani Troja) Tasted Grapes Burcak

Ah it’s so awesome, this is the first time for me to go to the winery. Actually you can see the winery from the food festival. We need to buy the card and get wristbands for entering the winery.

The winery located in Troja, Prague. It’s 3 minutes walk from the food festival, Vynobrani Troja.


The name of Vynobrani is come from Czech language. Vynobrani has meaning grapes harvesting. This time is perfect time for grapes harvesting from the winery.

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What is Burcak?

We decided to go to the winery because this month is burcak day. Burcak is fermented grapes to become wine. In this time, Burcak is half prosessing from grapes fermentation. The taste of burcak quiet unique for me. It is far from alcohol when I tasted. The taste is sweet and I can’t feel an alcohol contain in it yet. I was remember the taste of burcak in Bali, we called it tuak but this is come from palm trees. Tuak no need to get fermented processing. Usually the people harvesting directly from the palm trees. The taste as sweet as burcak but when tuak is getting old it will be taste like beer because the fermentation has begun and contain lots of alcohol.

Vynobrani Troja
They sell per glass and bottle. They sell 40 Kraun per glass it’s around 2 USD and 160 Kraun per bottle ( 8 USD )
Vynobrani Troja
The winery located on the hill. We can see the food festival on the same day from the winery.

Burcak sold everywhere during this season ( harvesting ) it mostly started on October every year. You can find them in traditional market. Traditional market usually open 2 times a week on Thursday and Friday. Burcak only available during the season. During this season people mostly harvest grapes from the winery.

The Winery Adventure

The weather is about 13 degrees and I’m so freezing. I tried to walk as much as I can so I’m not feeling the cold and enjoy my winery adventure. There are some shops open in winery but most of them are wine and burcak. They also prepare finger food while sightseeing the view from winery. The winery located on the top of the food festival. It’s located higher on the hills so it can easily to find the winery. While I have a sit to take rest and I can see people enjoying their food and the crowd from the food festival.

Troja Winery

After we bought our tickets and entering the winery. I walked through the winery and sightseeing the grapes fruits which is likely ready to harvest. The security guard watching the guests and keep warning everyone to not entering the line of the winery.

The guests not allowed to entering the line and take the fruits. I feel desperately disappointed can’t be able to taste that fresh grapes. We can tasting them and pick only one piece of grape just for a try. If you go to the traditional market in Prague, you might find a lot of people selling these things in this month. They also sell so cheap for a bottle of Burcak ( fermented grapes to become wine ).

I found a lot of different type of grapes. There are explanations on the front and I can read which type are the grapes from. I tasted one by one piece of grapes and you can find the difference sweetness from one other fruit.

Walking through the winery ( Heals Mood, mind and fresh air )

Everyone enjoy their winery adventure and also burcak at this time. There also good for relaxing while walking through the winery. The air is so fresh with the cold and nature at the same time. It is a perfect place for me to enjoy my mind and mood therapy while in the stressed mood. Some people come enjoying the adventure with friends, family or beloved ones. While enjoying wine and taste some of the grapes from the winery, sitting on the chair and talking spend time with the other. I’d love to spend my time on nature, get knowledge from the type of grapes which is growing so easily in Europe. The culture how to taste burcak and sightseeing while walking through and feel the fresh air from the winery.

Troja Winery

Troja Winery

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  1. Never really think of the Czech Republic or Prague as a wine country but after checking out the wines of Austria and Germany next door it makes sense. The Troja Winery looks truly beautiful and I bet Darcee would love the festival. Personally I really want to try Burcak though I worry if I had too much and it would be too strong for me.

  2. I love your photos. The grapes look so appetizing. Thanks for sharing such a detailed article. Will surely follow.

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