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The Food Festival ( Troja, Prague ) – unordinary food travel

The Food Festival ( Vynobrani Troja )
Mini Burger heavenly taste. I totaly starving with this dishes. Crispy and yummy!

It’s huge festival being held this month during my second visit to Prague in September last year. This month the weather is getting colder means the weather will be changing from summer to winter soon. It’s 13 degrees and I am so excited. The weather obviously so cold for me. I was ignored that cold feeling to enjoy this event.

The Food Festival ( Vynobrani Troja )
There also shops selling fruite water and any other kind of meals during the festival.

The location is in Troja, Prague and it is popular grapes farm spot as well. Firstly, We wanted to have a look what’s going on in this festival. Oh ya, every food was so cheap and tasty. Lots restaurant from Prague opened the stand here and doing food presentation. You need to pay the card at the front before entering the festival. You also use the card to pay while you wanted to buy some meals and repeatedly continue as you wanted. There is limit in card as value as your budget when you paid at the front in main entrance. They have minimum spend for taking the card as compliments. I just forgot how much it cost but definitely cheap for huge dishes. It’s worth for me.

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I started to take simple meal on my lunch time. The portion of the food quiet a little but worth to try. I won’t get full earlier so I could try more dishes as I can. This is first time for me to taste such cultural food in Czech.

Before you buy them make sure to try first! They prepare display food for just a try. There are bugs on the place that you can choose which one do you prefer. There is crickets, worms and grasshopper for the main meals! which one would you like to try first?

I was also so surprised with some restaurant. They prepared unordinary food likely not as usual. The prices also shocking me out. It is more expensive than normal food. They explained to me why the price is more expensive than the other. They also explained to me how to eat them.

There are edible insects or bugs such as grasshopper and crickets also worms on the presentation. I’m too curious to see how they cooked and serve them. I can’t imagine these things sold here and it costs a lot of money to spend just for one insect.

In my home country in Indonesia, when I was a kid, I suddenly remembered when we played around rice field with friends ( it was no phone, no internet available at this time. It’s all about nature ) ah, if I’m talking about insects, grasshopper is everywhere and so easy to get them. I used to ate them as my parents said it’s good protein on these edible insects. It’s free food with huge protein and vitamins. It needs to cook properly otherwise you will feel itchy when you consume it. since the era changing and a lot of buildings raised, nature slowly gone by human needs.

The Food Festival ( Vynobrani Troja )
Don’t missed the sausage! It is available here too!
There also asian restaurant here. Look! they just preparing my food. Looks so tasty! I can’t wait for try them.
Clams and grilled duck! My mouth watering for sure.

Anyway, there are also worms to be prepared instead of insects on the plater. Oh, I really don’t have an idea with those worms. I usually give my birds these worms in my village. Of course, my birds love it so much. Neither me. My husband convinced me to eat them because they said it’s good for health. I would love to choose my own meal than the worms with salad and Greek yogurt which ready to consume this time. Ouch, I feel vomit just to see it. How could the worms such precious food when we have to spend a lot of money just for a little gram of worms. I can’t even finish them.

Okay, I confessed I try them for the first time. The taste quiet makes me feel curious. It tasted like well done fried chicken. There is unique taste when I tried to bite them in my mouth. When I tried to eat the grasshopper they said I need to remove the two of the legs which have thorns in it. These part could make itchy in your mouth while you are consuming.

The grasshopper looks yummy tho on dessert with slice apples, pomegranate and cookies!

It was great food travel while I was in Prague. It’s popular during a year and they held the event so often. There is an event depending on the season. It is worth to try the typical of Czech food during my visit.

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  1. Food is one of the main reasons I travel. Your post remind me how much of what we think is acceptable as food is determined by our own culture and upbringing. Beautiful photos!

  2. Sounds like a fun food festival before the winter begins. As Iā€™m am a vegetarian I sometimes find such fares disappointing as they dont have much to offer in veg.

  3. You had me at food and wine festival. The hubby and I travel for both and will plan entire vacations around food and wine. We still have to get to Prague, maybe we can plan to get there for this festival.

  4. Worms should not be expensive. It is the cheapest protein one can grow at one’s own home! But i understand they want to make some exclusive eating idea around it… So this festival goes several times a year? Any info when?

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