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The Flowers in Zizkov, Prague

This purple flower made my day and memorable for me. If you see it has nothing special. But do you know there is a story behind this picture?

Every person has different stories. A simple things could make a great memories in a lifetime.

I go with my boyfriend and his friend to exploring Prague, Czech Republic. I am here about a month for holiday. His friend was so excited to show me how beautiful Prague. We go by car and I am enjoying the building panoramas along the street.

Since a few minutes drives, we are stopping by a place that apparently is new for me. It’s in Zizkov, Prague. We are sitting on the chair that has a lots of people go through for doing some exercises.

The air is so fresh and relaxing my mind. My boyfriend is starting conversations with his friend which I don’t understand completely. Once a while I feel so blessed to travel to his hometown. Once a while I just see his face that I couldn’t imagine how happy I am to be with him. I am so in love.

I have my own thoughts in my mind. I am just sitting on the chair beside him try to listen but not so focus on it. My eyes enjoying the view around the place and the temperature is getting colder because of almost 5 pm now.

Meanwhile they are talking each other. Of course I won’t bother their conversation and let they tells their stories because of long time no meet. I takes my time to be alone to feel how calm the situation. Suddenly He comes with this purple flower and saying sweet things for me.

Maybe for some people think this is just normal memory and not that so special tho. I am thinking opposite. This purple flower has been shown how his heart feels. Basically I love flowers.

I take a picture of the flower for my own memory. One day if I grow old I would remember the sweetest thing in my life being in love with someone I adore. This is my best gift that money can not buy.

Let me know how is your travel experience with your beloved ones. How was your best memory during your travel with your couple? I love to hear from all of you!

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