6 Tips travel to Bali – Low cost, great experience

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Bali is a popular destination in the world. Bali is a small island located in Indonesia. I would love to recommend you this island to add to your next Travel Book List. But before you do, you have to read how to travel with a low budget before you plan to go to Bali. As you might know, traveling cost lots of money, energy and time. It can be the worst traveling in your life or it can be the best moment on your life.

The Community in Bali

Your flight will be coming soon. You have some plan what you should do while you are in Bali. Have a coconut drink on the beach, sunburn or maybe learn how to surf as a beginner in Bali summer time. It sounds perfect holiday so far, isn’t it?

Okay, that sounds excellence plan if every plan in the right spot. Well, the community is the best suggestion for some people that don’t know the area yet. Community helps you to find any other solutions for every issue. Before you are heading to Bali, I would like to recommend you to join some community in Bali. There are several communities in Bali depends on the area. You can find them easily on social media such as Facebook.

Google Maps is more powerful than Travel Guide

Everything is online! Yess, even you want to go to buy some chips you still need your phone, right? This is it. Some traveler needs travel guide while they do traveling in some places. They don’t need to think and search. Bali is a small island. If you get lost, you are still in Bali. It can be cost lots of money to hire travel guide ( driver ) only a day. Especially if you don’t know the real rate only to go to one tourism place in Bali.

The time changing, also lifestyle and mindset. There are a lot of backpackers come to travel to Bali every year. At this point, It is better to rent a bike or car instead of choosing travel guide for your travel experience. Bali provided a lot of agent to rented a bike or car. The price started from approximately IDR 50.000 ( USD 3 ) until less than IDR 1.000.000 (USD 95) for a bike a day. IDR 300.000 (USD 25) until IDR IDR 1.000.000 (USD 95) above for the car a day. The price depends on a bike or car. This way is a perfect match with google maps which accompany your travel moment.

Local Internet Provider

When you arrive in Bali, you might think how to get free wifi first. Yeahh, this is my personal experienced. You can’t do anything without internet connection. All the world is there. Information and everything is there. You might use your roaming data from your home country to call your beloved ones which is cost so much for only a call.

There are a lot of choice that you can choose for your temporary provider while you are traveling to Bali. The price also vary depends on how many GB that you would like to choose. Some of provider usually give free internet without buying some credit first. You can only buy the card and get free internet on the beginning. It is a lot saving money than use roaming from your home country.


Guesthouse, hostels not Hotels

As backpackers, you might find a room with the cheapest price. We talk about low budget. Tourism business in Bali apparently the first income year by year. A lot of people start Business with their own ideas in tourism area whether is in Ubud, Seminyak, Kuta, Canggu or etc.

Hotels with stars mostly more expensive than guesthouse or hostels. The services and facilities also quite different depending on the prices. If you would like to travel with low cost, I suggested you to search a guesthouse than a hotel. It is a lot cheaper for sure.


Travelmate, why not?

You have a plan to go to Bali and to do solo travel, couple or with a group. It doesn’t matter you are alone or with friends. It is fun to travel with some friends and share some information with them. You might find TravelMate while you want to travel to Bali which you don’t know the area yet. There are a lot of foreigners come to Bali every day. The community mostly meets them in one place. They usually arrange everything together before they go to travel around the world. Traveler meet each other. They mostly meet each other and have the plan to shdare their car or their budget to travel to Bali. It does save money. It cost a lot cheap than you are going alone with no friends.

Local Warung ( Restaurant )

You should try Bali authentic food while you are in Bali. My topic is about travel on a low budget. Local warung is the best choices. There are so many local warung or restaurant that has good food as similar to five stars restaurant in tourism places. The prices mostly for local and it is cheap for a traveler.

That’s 6 tips how to travel with low budget and get great experience of nature and culture while you are in Bali. Some of you might be found more tips how to travel with low budget to Bali. Since I share my tips about travel with low budget to Bali, I would love you to share what is your tips while you are traveling to Bali with low budget or as a backpacker. Please don’t hesitate to write your travel experience with low budget on comment below.

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    1. Aw.. Thank you. well enjoy your trip during your stay in Bali. Yeahhh for sure. It’s cheap and tasty at the same time. There are a lot of options here. If you would like to try local food, it’s not that hard to find one. If you would stay in canggu, the best restaurant and cheap is Warung Dua, cafe organic bali. I recommend that place. I have a plan to write them on one article soon.

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  1. Bali is an amazing place to visit and so your blog the tips are really economical will definiyely contact you for more tips whenever I will visit

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