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El Kabron Restaurant : Chill time, dishes time!

I recently posted my outfit during summer on my previous post talk about my daily outfit for summer on fashion series. I couldn’t get enough to write about it since I have an idea to post the restaurant where I took some shot of my pictures for the outfit.

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored post. All purchased by my own and my husband.

We decided to go to some kind of beach environment for chilling. We headed to five-star restaurants and its Spanish restaurant. The place is located close to dreamland beach in Uluwatu, Bali. We decided to go for getting some tapas or just a drink because we had our lunch at home. We also meet some of his friends for a meeting.

Before we get in the restaurant, There will be GRO’s or receptionist explain everything about the restaurant. They will require you for reservation deposit or entrance fee to pay in the front before entering the restaurant. I think this is quite mainstream in every restaurant with high level standard about the information that I write on above. But, well this is it!

Reservation deposit, How much does it cost?

Reservation deposit or entrance fee will collect while before you enter the restaurant. The price also vary depends on the area. VIP or pool area quite expensive than other area but this is the best spot for chill and relax.

Here is the details door policy of pre-payment as bellow :

  • The dining area cost IDR 350K (USD 25 ) per guest ( Inclusive IDR 350K credit of food and beverage, dining area only )
  • Cliff Club ( Pool area and VIP balcony lounges ) IDR 650K (USD 48) per guest (Inclusive of a welcome glass of Moët & Chandon, IDR 300K (USD 22) credit towards Food & Beverage, El Kabron Gift, pool/towel service and access to whole venue).

you can also choose any kind of beverage with the same value or below. There is also a shop before entering the restaurant. The shop located in the front of GRO’s desk. They sell good quality fabric of swimsuit, hat, fashion for summer time and everything about fashion so don’t worry if you forget to bring your swimsuit. If you would like to know more details, you can directly check their official site for complete information regarding of the pre-payment for El Kabron Spanish Restaurant.

It’s time for chill, talk, no phone, enjoy the music and the view!

Spanish dishes in Bali environment. It sounds perfect, right? Summer time is the best time to chill and relax with friends. We like to chill and relax with comfort seat also enjoy the view so we decided to get Cliff Club or pool area. We paid IDR 650K per person for reservation deposit on the front. My husband enjoys his Moët & Chandon so much. We also order dessert and Spanish burger for the snack. I personally not drink any alcohol because of I don’t like the taste. It is obviously not tasty for me.

Moving on from dishes, they had beautiful view of ocean which you can see from this area (I’m talking about pool area). They also provide towel for guests who want to swim while enjoying their meals.

Watching sunset, listening live music is the perfect relaxation for mind.

We were sitting on the couch talking with friends and it was surprising me because they also have live music which I waited it didn’t turn up. Live music mostly started from 6 pm until 7 pm during dinner time. If you want to come to enjoy the music and sunset, start from 3 pm (brunch time) is the perfect time to come to this chill place. The average price is quite expensive for meals but you could get great meals and good services at the same time.

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  1. Possibly the worst thing I could have watched in my bed on a cold raining day with toast for breakfast haha! Pictures are beautiful, food looks tasty and the trip sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing!
    Tisha x

  2. I have no idea how much money that translates into American dollars. But that is a little surprising to hear that you have to make a deposit at a restaurant like this. Things are much different in the US. 🙂

  3. El karbon restaurant lots of multiple choice dishes to offer. It looks so delightful and really tempting. Actually, it makes me really hungry now. Lol!!!

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