Journey in PRAHA ( Prague )

I just knowing instead of Paris, there is a place which has a romantic environment and historical stories behind of Praha, Czech Republic!

We were going to Černý Most from Airport takes about approximately an hour by car. It’s summer time. He was driving very carefully since I was doing my sight seeing along the street. It is completely so different than what I’ve heard about this country. It is such a beautiful country with all the nature and artistic buildings I’ve got in my eyes. Sometimes I’ve seen a lot of apple trees, plum trees and also pear trees along the way. I have never seen them grow so easily in my hometown, Bali.

I don’t know what kind of flowers is these. It grows randomly everywhere. I couldn’t find these flower in Bali. It is so beautiful!

It’s absolutely impressed me. yes, it was totally shocking me out. I am so happy to see all of those fruit trees grow randomly without anybody cares of them. The fruits also look so yummy. This is my first time experienced to know this awesome feeling ( Ups.. sorry, those fruit trees story might be mainstream to listen, but I am a big fan of nature, especially fruits. I would love to tell you how my feeling was as well ).

An apple tree got my feeling!

I found an apple tree everywhere! Whoaa


Prague is one of the most romantic places around the world. There are so many histories inside. I enjoyed walking through the city with historical building view. My boyfriend started to tell the stories Meanwhile my eyes focus with the view.


Just a couple of few hours arrived. He took me around lil cafe in Líbeznice. Líbeznice is the village in the central Bohemian region. Apparently about 20 minutes to go from Cerny Most by car.


We found an exotic cafe in Prague 3 city district. This cafe is in the Camp Zizkov Prague which the meaning is Prague central camp. It looks so cute with a lot of fresh flower around the cashier, cafe. They have a variety of menu. It is perfect for chilling out with friends and sightseeing the view on the second floor. They only provide one table for 4 persons on the second floor. let say, it’s private place to relax.
I visited Charles Square which is so close from our place to stay. It was so crowded! There is a lot tourist from different countries walk through this city. I had to choose a place to take a nice picture of me in this town square. I found this unique place without anybody walk through behind me. Yeayyy….finally! sigh!
The National Theatre located in the centrum of prague. It is located beside Vltava river. Most people do recreation, sight seeing, also there is water activities such as canoeing or might only take a cup of coffee to enjoy the vew of Charles Bridge restaurant around the river. Charles Castle panorama which is clearly can see from this river.
I had a walk through the centrum of Prague. Every path of this country was so beautiful. I decided to take a picture on a chair while we were going to dinner.

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