EVERYDAY STYLING : summer vibes with Jumpsuit

It’s July!

Sabrina Floral Jumpsuit

Bali is about 29° in this day. It does quite sweaty for my activities during the day, especially on the beach. What is your activity during the day on weekend? how is the weather in your hometown? what is your outfit for your summer time? I plan myself to find some spot for relaxing during the weekend with my boyfriend. I choose to wear a comfortable outfit which is fit for my summer time. Sabrina Floral Jumpsuit it does fit me in with leather sandals during enjoying my relaxing time. I’d like to wear them as my everyday simple outfit.

Enjoying my relaxing time with someone I adore with perfect outfit, spot and season.
Sabrina Floral Jumpsuit made from 100 % chiffon which comforts me during my activities in the summer season.
I wore leather sandals for my perfect vibes while enjoying my relaxing time with the beach view.
It depends on what I wear though. Windy and hot in the same time make so easily change my mood. These outfits are perfect for me in this situation.

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  1. You look absolutely amazing. Love the jumpsuit, but of course I love all jumpsuit. one of my favorite things to wear in the summer

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